ID: 12721
Geschrieben am: Donnerstag 26.02.1891

Frankfurt a/M Febr: 26th 91.

My dearest Lady Thompson,
I hear with great satisfaction, how kind you will be to Delara, to allow her to give a recital in your house. |2| But I am afraid, that in a fourtnight it will be too soon for her. Delara has worked hard, and, you know, she is not stroke. She must at least have a fourtnight to rest, than she must get accustomed to the Piano, which are very different to ours. I am afraid she will not be able to do her best, if [?] |3| this recital is arranged too much in a hurry! I cannot speak to Adelina about this, as she is must impatient to play in public, and would not listen to reason. I mean the best way is to say to her, that the recital must be delayed; you will easely find a pretext.
[?] Too much depends from her first appearance as you know very well. |4| You will find her greatly improved – she played several times quite beautifully.
With affectionate greetings, I am, dearest Lady Thompson
Clara Schumann.
In haste.

  Absender: Schumann, Clara, geb Wieck, Clara (3179)
  Empfänger: Thompson, Kate, geb. Loder (1584)

  Standort/Quelle:*) D-DÜhh, s: 84.5069 D
*) Die Auflösung der Kürzel für Bibliotheken und
Archive finden Sie hier: Online Directory of RISM Library Sigla

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