ID: 12688
Geschrieben am: Mittwoch 03.12.1890

Frankfurt a/M Dec: 3de 1890.

My dear Lady Thompson
I recommand you by these lines one of my belovest pupils Miss Ilona Eibenschütz, who is engaged for two Pops in January. I think I want not |2| to tell you much about her, you will see her and you will hear her play – both, she herself and her playing will please and interest you, I am sure. Will you kindly receive her, that is what I beg you. I hope she will succeed in London, and in this |3| case, she will stay there the whole season. I must tell you a little about her. She was for five years a “Wunderkind”, was much admired, but there was no shool and, when she came to Frankfurt, some Families took a great interest in her, and offered there Father [Einfügung vom rechten Rand] who is very poor [Einfügung Ende], to let her studie for 3 years, which these Families |4| promised to pay. They asked me to teach her. First I hesitaded, as I know how difficult it is to begin from the first with such a girl, who has been admired. but then her gifts interested me, and she promised to do all she could. And so it was, she studied with a holy five and earnest, and remained four years. This you will certainly respect on such a young being. |5| I give her all my heartiest wishes on the way.
Pardon, my dear Lady Thompson my long tale, but I know your heart, and know, that you will take a particular Sympathie for the dear girl.
Accept my love as ever, and believe me yours ever grateful
Clara Schumann.
|6| All my kindest regards to your Family! - My daughters joine with me in this. Miss Ilona’s friend, who is with her, is Miss Scholz, the daughter of our director, who gave her his daughter as compagnon on her first Journey. (Excuse my bad writing.)

  Absender: Schumann, Clara, geb Wieck, Clara (3179)
  Absendeort: Frankfurt am Main
  Empfänger: Thompson, Kate, geb. Loder (1584)

  Standort/Quelle:*) D-DÜhh, s: 84.5069 D
*) Die Auflösung der Kürzel für Bibliotheken und
Archive finden Sie hier: Online Directory of RISM Library Sigla


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