ID: 12561
Geschrieben am: Montag 10.03.1890

Frankfurt a/M March 10th 90.

My dearest Lady Thompson
how kind you are in sending me such an answer, as you did concerning Adeline. I must thank you in her name thousand times – I could |2| not yet send your dear letter to her, as she is seriously ill just now on an imflation of the ribs. She is very well cared by Miss Köhnlein, but the physician says, that for long time she must care herself very much – not play too much. I hope, the spring, |3| which now approaches, will do her good. I believe that her lungs are not in a quite safe state, how sad it would be, if she could not go on in her studies! But still, I hope she will recover. Take my love, dearest Lady Thompson and, may heaven give you all possibly happeneß. |4| Could I sheak you hands myself – that would give me much more satisfaction, than this letter full of faults, I am afraid! –
Yours affectionately
Clara Schumann.
My daughters sends theyr kindest regards.

  Absender: Schumann, Clara, geb Wieck, Clara (3179)
  Absendeort: Frankfurt am Main
  Empfänger: Thompson, Kate, geb. Loder (1584)

  Standort/Quelle:*) D-DÜhh, s: 84.5069 D
*) Die Auflösung der Kürzel für Bibliotheken und
Archive finden Sie hier: Online Directory of RISM Library Sigla

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